Promar Consulting

Promar Consulting is Asia’s preeminent business development and research consulting firm specializing exclusively in assisting food, drink, agricultural and fishery organizations to capitalize on market opportunities and resolve ongoing business issues.

Founded in Tokyo in 2000 with a branch office opened in Beijing, China in 2008, Promar Consulting approaches every assignment with strategic perspective combined with both international and local expertise. We serve our clients with our own talented team, backed by the resources of the worldwide Promar network.

Our client base represents the entire food supply chain, from farmer cooperatives to exporters, importers, processors and retailers, as well as trade associations, government agencies, international organizations and multi-national corporation. Our experience ranges from agricultural inputs all the way to branded food products.

There is no industry more deeply connected to lifestyle, culture and tradition than food and agriculture. Analyzing and developing strategy to meet the needs of global markets requires in-depth knowledge of diverse geographic regions and how they are linked through international food and agriculture trade, as well as a clear understanding of the business cultures, trade policies, market dynamics and consumer demand that drive trade relationships.

Promar Consulting has that capability.

Our overall objective is to supply our clients with Actionable Market Intelligence. We do that by:

Conducting market research and business development investigations
Assessing new product developments and how to launch them
Providing Commercial Due Diligence on acquisition target and joint venture partners
Conducting market monitoring services
Analyzing regulations and how to meet them
Undertaking economic and policy analyses
Developing promotion strategies and coordinating their execution
Doing whatever is necessary to accomplish the client’s objectives
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